Constitution of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is committed to the advancement of Hispanics and other minorities in achieving a degree in the STEM fields at the University of Iowa (UI).  


Date ratified: October 11, 2010

Date amended: May 3, 2018

Date amended: October 7, 2019

Date ratified: October 30, 2019

Date amended: May 5, 2021


The name of the organization is the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, University of Iowa Student Chapter. Henceforth, the organization shall be referred to as "SHPE at UI" or simply "SHPE".



It will be the primary goal of SHPE at UI to help fellow Hispanic and minority students at the University of Iowa. Realizing the difficulty Hispanics and other minorities face in these fields, and the lack of role models, it is in the best interest of SHPE to establish goals to be achieved by every member of the organization. 

The following objectives were established by the founding members:

  1. Promote the advancement of Hispanic engineers and scientists in education and in future employment.
  2. Improve the retention and enrollment of Hispanic students in engineering and science programs at SHPE. 
  3. Develop and participate in programs with the university and industry which benefit students seeking technical and science degrees.
  4. Provide a forum for the exchange of information pertinent to the development of future Hispanic professionals.
  5. Develop opportunities in the local Hispanic community.
  6. Develop interest in science and engineering to future engineers in local middle school and high schools.



In no aspect of its programs shall there be any difference in the treatment of persons on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, status as a U.S. veteran, service in the U.S. military, sexual orientation, gender identity, associational preferences, or any other classification which would deprive the person of consideration as an individual.  The organization will guarantee that equal opportunity and equal access to membership, programming, facilities, and benefits shall be open to all persons. Eighty percent (80%) of this organization’s membership must be composed of UI students.

  1. College students pursuing a degree in any course of study are eligible for membership.
  2. Active Members are those members that:
    • A. Attend no less than 60% of the general meetings, from the time they attend their first meeting.
    • B. Pay the dues established by SHPE National.*
    • C. Take active part in SHPE at UI sponsored activities and committees, as specified in a policy developed by the Board at the beginning of each academic year.

*SHPE at UI has an open membership. In order to be recognized as an official member of SHPE National, membership dues must be paid. Membership dues must be paid annually at  Membership rates based on status of applicant undergrad, graduate and alumni all have separate rates. Benefits and cost for each membership can be found at



Officers shall consist of the following roles: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Cabinet shall consist of the following roles: Professional Development Chair, Public Relations Chair, Graduate Ambassador, and Student Advisor.


The President shall represent SHPE at UI as the chapter's official spokesperson and shall oversee all SHPE functions and activities. The president shall oversee the officers and SHPE's day-to-day affairs. The president shall be responsible for compiling the SHPE agenda for board meetings. The President shall maintain contact with National and Regional Chapters as well as coordinate National and Regional Conference logistics. The President shall reserve rooms for meetings and other events.


The Vice-President shall assist the President in all SHPE at UI business and shall act as President Pro Tempore in the latter's absence. The Vice-President shall be responsible for the preparation of the Mid-Year Report and the End-of-Year Report that are submitted to SHPE - National. The Vice-President shall serve as the Head Committee Chairperson and shall be responsible for ensuring that each of the committees for events such as: workshops, recruitment, and general events, is fulfilling its responsibilities. The Vice President is also in charge of creating and maintaining contacts with the administration and faculty of the College of Engineering. The Vice-President shall be the meeting parliamentarian and make sure that all meetings follow Robert’s Rules of Order.


The Treasurer shall maintain books and records of all monies received or disbursed by SHPE at UI. The Treasurer must approve all SHPE expenditures and shall provide reimbursements in a timely manner. The Treasurer shall coordinate the preparation of a yearly budget for approval by the Board. The Treasurer shall keep records of members who have paid their dues. The Treasurer shall make monthly reports listing all SHPE transactions, liabilities and assets to the Board. The Treasurer shall prepare thank-you letters to organizations that provide unsolicited, general funds or assistance to SHPE. The Treasurer shall prepare a funding request to the University via UISG, Engineering Student Council and other sources. The Treasurer also will request funding from SHPE National each year.


The Secretary shall scribe the minutes of each SHPE meeting and publicly post them within one week of said meeting. The Secretary shall register the organization with the University each academic year. The Secretary shall compile and distribute the student chapter directory. The Secretary shall record the attendance of members at meetings and shall be responsible for tallying the votes during elections and any other time the Board or the chapter votes. The Secretary shall maintain SHPE resources on the SHPE Google Drive including polls, meeting minutes, and other official documents.


The Professional Development Chair shall be responsible for arranging events in support and assistance to the members of SHPE. They will oversee industrial relations, community involvement, and conference statistics. he Professional Development Chair shall work with the Graduate Ambassador in also seeking information from companies, organizations, and potential partners from outside or inside the school campus. The Professional Development Chair shall work with the Graduate Ambassador in communicating with alumni and coordinating any activity with alumni for relationships and future sponsorship. The Professional Development Chair shall also help maintain and update the alumni list managed by the Graduate Ambassador.


The public relations chair shall advertise all SHPE at UI events and meetings. They shall also publicize events to other on- and off- campus organizations. The public relations chair shall also coordinate the use of media sources such as Facebook. They shall also be responsible for creating flyers and posting them weekly or as needed around campus or on media sources. The public relations chair is also responsible for taking pictures of all SHPE events. The public relations chair is also responsible for updating and posting information pertaining to SHPE at UI, SHPE National and SHPE Regional on the SHPE at UI website (  They shall also collaborate with the secretary to update the members about information on the website. 


The Graduate Ambassador shall be responsible for maintaining relationships with graduate students, graduate programs, and the Graduate Representatives for SHPE National. They will also recruit and retain graduate students to be involved with the SHPE at UI. They will also oversee the implementation of a graduate committee. The Graduate Ambassador should also develop events aimed toward graduate students, their education, and professional development. They shall also plan, develop, and advertise events aimed at promoting graduate education among undergraduate members. They are also responsible for spreading the word about scholarships and fellowships as well as other information necessary for members of SHPE. The graduate ambassador can assume the position of student advisor if eligible.  


The student advisor shall be an upper-class undergraduate, or a graduate student with at least two (2) semesters of leadership experience with SHPE at UI or SHPE National. The student advisor shall be responsible for helping the chapter organize a competent executive board. The student advisor shall also be responsible for keeping the chapter working toward a goal set by the executive board at the beginning of the year in accordance with SHPE National regulations. The student advisor shall serve as a coach and source of advice to the President of the chapter. See ELECTIONS section regarding position. 



Advisors of registered student organizations must be members of the University of Iowa faculty or administrative professional staff or they must be affiliated with a local, regional, national, or international affiliate of SHPE.

The Executive Board shall be responsible for selecting an advisor. It is anticipated the advisor will be a member of the faculty or staff at the University of Iowa. The advisor shall be responsible for advising the executive board on SHPE matters. The advisor shall also arbitrate any unresolved issues between the executive board. The advisor shall also serve as a liaison between SHPE at UI and the UI's College of Engineering faculty leadership. They shall provide their signature for the NRP. They shall ensure the organization is functioning according to its objectives. 



Executive board meetings shall be held at least bi-weekly. General body meetings shall be held at least monthly and other meetings, events or activities can be called at any time by the executive board. Rooms will be announced by email, SHPE's website, GroupMe or Facebook. Half the active members must show up in order to constitute a quorum. Meetings are called by the president or vice president and it is the secretary’s job to notify members. No meeting shall be conducted without the minimum attendance of at least three members of the executive board. Please see MEMBERSHIP section for number of meetings required to attend to be considered a member in good standing. 


  1. Only Active Members in good standing are eligible to be nominated for office.
  2. Nominations shall take place eight weeks before the end of the Spring semester. Nominations may also be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary two days prior to the nominations meeting.
  3. In order to be considered, nominations must be seconded.
  4. Nominations for President shall be held first, followed by nominations for the other offices, in the order listed in Article IV of this constitution except for Student Advisor.
  5. Student advisor appointments are selected by the Executive Board ONLY after it has considered it to be necessary and if there is someone eligible to fulfill duty. Eligibility of student advisor is discussed in Article IV
  6. Interim board member(s) shall be appointed by the elected president in case no nominations are received and approved.
  1. Annual elections shall take place during the last scheduled meeting of the academic year.
  2. Only Active Members are eligible to vote excluding chapter advisor.
  3. Elections may be held only in the presence of a Quorum of members. If a Quorum is not present at the elections meeting, elections shall be held before the end of the semester at an emergency meeting.
  4. An absentee vote shall be accepted if submitted in a sealed and signed envelope to the Secretary prior to the elections.
  5. Voting shall be by secret ballot, and a plurality of votes shall constitute a win. The Secretary shall tally the votes and disclose the winner.
  1. Newly elected officers shall assume office as soon as they have been successfully installed.
  2. Officers shall be installed no later than the end of the semester.
  3. Installation shall take place upon completion of the Officer in Training Workshop. Both the outgoing and newly elected officers shall attend this workshop. In the course of this workshop, newly elected officers shall be briefed on their duties and responsibilities, and shall be given materials and documents relevant to their office.
  4. The outgoing president shall install the newly elected president. The newly installed president shall then the install the other officers, in the order listed in Article IV.



There are no dues for the SHPE at UI. The Treasurer is in charge of all financial affairs. Upon dissolution, state money and mandatory students fees revert back to the granting organization. Group fees should be divided as stated in the Constitution and carried out by the dissolving group’s members and officers. If the group has dissolved and group fees have not been divided as stated in the Constitution by five years from the last account activity, monies in the group’s 00 (revenue) accounts will revert to an account specified for this purpose within UISG. These funds will then be available for distribution through SABAC guidelines in compliance with University of Iowa policy.


SHPE is required to deposit all receipts in and make disbursements through the Student Organization Business Office, Fraternity Business Services, or Recreational Services. Upon dissolution, state money and mandatory student fees revert back to the granting organization.  Inactive organizations will be considered dissolved after five years of no account activity.  Revenue generated dollars or “00 funds” must be divided as stated in this Constitution and carried out by our leadership. Our organization’s remaining revenue generated dollars or “00 funds” will be divided or disbursed to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).  If this organization has dissolved and revenue generated dollars or “00 funds” have not been divided as stated in this Constitution by five years from last account activity, funds in our “00 account” will revert to an account specified for this purpose within student government(s). These funds will then be available for distribution through student government(s) guidelines in accordance with University of Iowa policy.


  1. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Board. In order to be considered by the general membership, the amendment must either be passed by the Board, or must be endorsed by twenty percent (20%) of the active membership. The Board will review the amendment at the next Board meeting. The proposed amendment will be subsequently presented to the membership at the next general meeting. A three-fourths majority of the active membership or a two-thirds majority of the board is required to amend the constitution.
  2. SHPE agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the University of Iowa. This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the SHPE at UI Executive Board to ensure that they are in accordance with the rules and regulations.



This Constitution will be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the active membership present at the designated Constitutional general meeting.